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  About me

I am a Quebecer and descendant of the French Canadiens. I am mostly conservative.

I got on surveillance after having contacted the medias around 2005-2006.

Before I realized I was under surveillance, I instinctively knew that there was something wrong going on socially. I finally discovered the stratagem, at least part of it, and at my own expense.

I like art and I like drawing, painting and playing guitar. However, since I am constantly filmed and under mental surveillance, my ideas, my work and my social and political views are being used as a source of inspiration and sometimes quoted identically or copied in part by artists, journalists and politicians locally and internationally. This intrusion in my life constitutes a rape of my intimacy.

Regarding the labor market, my job search activities are monitored. I regularly see job offers fitting my profile. People I don't know are trying to trap and manipulate me. The interviews are strange and when I am hired, I face a lot of "coincidences". Most of the time, my job searches are commented on by the medias throughout the process : while I'm looking at job offers, after the interview (about the discussion I had with the employer) and when I am at work after having been hired.

That constant monitoring obviously has consequences on all aspects of my life. I have no privacy and I always have strangers in my life.

About this Web site

This Web site has been online since July 1, 2014. It previously also existed under another domain name and you can find it here.

The surveillance I am under and my situation as a targeted individual is being presented on this Web site.

To this day, I still am under surveillance.

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